The Kill

By: Evie Hunter

Thanks to NetGalley and Boldwood Books for the ARC!


Secrets can’t stay hidden forever…

After six years in prison for a crime he did not commit, Sebastian Carter is out and determined to get answers about who set him up. He knows it’s someone close to him and Sebastian will make sure they pay.

Ava Harper is living a lie. Although she loves her job caring for young Lily Carter, her real reason for being in the Carter household is to get answers of her own – from none other than convicted murderer Sebastian.

Sebastian hates liars, but he’s intrigued by Ava. As he gets to know more about her, he wonders if the answers she’s looking for could solve his mystery too.

Or will getting too close to Ava risk them both getting killed…?


If you enjoy gang thrillers, then this is the book for you!  Told from multiple point of views, there are two mysteries going on at the same time, who set up Seb and what happened to Ava’s mother?  While normally Seb does not like liars, he is intrigued by Ava and the reason for her taking the position and vows to help her figure out her mystery.  When the missing pieces of the puzzles come together, I was absolutely shocked!  I didn’t guess any of that from a mile away, and believe me, I was trying to figure it out along with Seb and Ava.  I enjoyed both of these characters individually and together.  I loved the softer side of Seb when it came to Lily.  My only issue is that the big reveal happened so quickly, and felt a little too easily.  Otherwise, a good read!

This is available on March 13, 2023. You can get the book here.


Evie Hunter has written a great many successful regency romances as Wendy Soliman and is now redirecting her talents to produce dark gritty thrillers for Boldwood. For the past twenty years she has lived the life of a nomad, roaming the world on interesting forms of transport, but has now settled back in the UK.

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