All The Missing Girls

By: Megan Miranda

“There’s nothing more dangerous, nothing more powerful, nothing more necessary and essential or survival than the lies we tell ourselves.”

Nicolette Farrell left her hometown 10 years ago, after her best friend Corinne disappeared.  She’s back now to help out with her dad, getting guardianship and selling his house.  Nic, her brother, Daniel, her childhood boyfriend, Tyler, and Corinne’ boyfriend, Jackson, were at the center of the investigation into Corinne’s disappearance.  Now that Nic is back, she realizes she’s the only one who left.  Her brother is now married with a baby on the way, Jackson works at the town bar, and Tyler is dating Annaleise Carter, her younger neighbor and alibi for the night of Corinne’s disappearance.  The main part of this story is told backwards, starting from Day 15 going to Day 1 – the day of Annaleise’s disappearance.  As Nic tries to figure out what happened to Annaleise, she unravels the truth about her friends, family, and what happened to Corinne many years ago.

The plot of the book itself isn’t bad.  Miranda’s decision to tell the story backwards makes for a confusing read.  Many that have read it get confused and want to give up on the book.  Once you’re able to wrap your head around the backwards storytelling is the makings of a good book.  After it hits Day 1, it goes back to the present and from there on, the story gets good.  During the backwards countdown, I felt that the story was dragged out and could have been condensed.  While I did have my suspicions, I didn’t guess what happened at all!  Worked into the days counting backwards are flashbacks, which can make the reader even more confused.  I would be willing to give another book by this author another try, so long as the story isn’t told in the same way.

Get your copy of this book here.


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