I Didn’t Do It

By: Jaime Lynn Hendricks

Thanks to NetGalley and Penzler Publishing for the ARC of the book!

It’s the conference that thriller writers look forward to – Murderpaloza.  Panels, discussions, and it ends with an award for thriller of the year.  Bestselling author Kristin Bailey is found dead in her hotel room. It seems that four other writers are the key suspects.  They all seem to have a connection to Kristin somehow and they all harbor their own secrets.  At first, they come together and try to figure out the mystery behind Kristin’s murder.  An anonymous social medial account starts to target them, putting cryptic messages online that one of these four understand.  As they are taunted, they start to reveal their secrets.  Then they start to turn on each other.  The biggest taunt: another one is going to die.  Can these writers figure out who the murderer is before one of them gets murdered?

I do not give out 5 stars to books often, but this one deserves it!  I have not read a thriller this good in a LONG time.  I don’t even know where to begin with all the things that are fantastic about this book. Hendricks writes a brilliant, easy to read, and engrossing book.  This is written from multiple points of view, so the reader really gets to know what is inside each of the characters’ heads.  I really enjoyed the plot line.  There are other books where writers die, but they are usually in a retreat out in the wood somewhere.  This took place in a hotel where a conference was being held.  I tried too hard to figure out who the murderer was.  I took notes, made my predictions but Hendricks tricked me!  My jaw dropped and hit the floor when I read the twist. 

This book will be available on May 23, 2023. Run and get it here!


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