Death is Better at the Lake

By: Ashley Albi

“It was my grandma’s love of far-off worlds and daring adventures that fueled my own love and life calling to the written word.”

Scarlett James is a literary agent who signed Jasper and then began dating him.  When they broke up, it was for a very good reason.  She would up back in Spirit Lake, Iowa as her grandmother took a fall and broke her leg.  What Scarlett didn’t expect was to be the number one murder suspect in Jasper’s murder.  Now she and her friends are determined to clear their names.

I adored this cozy mystery!  I am not from a small town, but all of these books that take place in a small town make me want to move to one!  The characters in this novel are awesome.  Each one has their own purpose, and most of them are likeable.  I appreciated Albi getting straight into the mystery and keeping to the plot.  There wasn’t a whole ton of back story and I appreciate that.  Everything that was said in the book needed to be there to keep the plot moving, and I prefer plot drive books.  The story itself is fast paced and it is a quick and easy read.  The best part about it is that there is a little bit of romance brewing and while I know there is a second one that has to do with mystery, I do hope that the romance continues.  I guess that’s the whole point of a cozy mystery!  I cannot wait to read the second one.  I recommend this to everyone!  I cannot see anything not liking this book.

This is on Kindle Unlimited! You can get you copy here.


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