The School Trip

By: Miranda Smith

“Grief is a hard beast to fight, mainly because it stays alongside you the rest of your life.”

A group of Kindergarteners go to the local pumpkin patch for their fieldtrip.  They go to the petting zoo, go down a slide, pick pumpkins, and play on the playground.  Emma’s daughter Claire is one of the children, and Emma is a teacher at her school.  While Emma is a teacher on the trip, she has also promised her daughter she would spend time with her.  Afterall, it’s been difficult since Emma’s husband, Claire’s dad, has died.  But as the sun goes down on the farm, Claire is nowhere to be seen.  The police check the grounds but come up empty.  There’s a video showing Claire getting into a car with an adult, but there are no faces in the video.  Claire knows not to go with strangers, so this must be someone she knows.  But who would want to take Claire and hurt Emma?

Wow.  This book amazed me. This book is written with short chapters that are easy to fly through.  As a parent, this is my worst nightmare, as it was for Emma. I read this entire book with my breath hitched in my chest.  I was anxious the entire time.  Another thing that I loved about this book – it got me in my heart, and I shed a few tears. There was no dull moment, no unnecessary background information, no unnecessary descriptions.  Smith set up the scene and got right into the action.  Smith gave us so many suspects, and I had my own theories (which were wrong).  This book is the epitome of an unputdownable thriller.  The best part?  It’s available on Kindle Unlimited!  So run and read this book NOW!

Get your copy of this book here.


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