Little Wife Lies

By: Katherine Cobb

Thanks to Katherine Cobb and Brey’s Book Tours for the ARC of this book and allowing me to be a part of the book tour!

ABOUT THE BOOK (From Goodreads)

He’s a Texan with a temper. She’s as sweet as sin. When sparks start to fly, have they lit a deadly fuse?

Washington DC. Hank McCallister’s slow drawl hides fast fists. Staying busy in his spare time by breaking up bar fights in the nation’s capital, the happy-go-lucky twenty-four-year-old delights in rescuing damsels in distress. And when the charming hothead lays eyes on a petite sex bomb in trouble, he’s thrilled to lay out her boyfriend…and sign on as her latest squeeze.

Caught off-guard when his gorgeous new girlfriend announces she’s pregnant, Hank loyally steps up and proposes marriage. But as their volatile personalities clash, the big-hearted brawler fears he’s in over his head.

When secrets and lies turn tragic, will their steamy passion race to an explosive end?

Little Wife Lies is a standalone domestic fiction novel. If you like flawed characters, lurking deception, and walking the knife’s edge of disaster, then you’ll love Katherine Cobb’s battle with fate

My Review

Adrienne is one of those characters you hate to love.  She knows what she wants (and what she needs) and she will do whatever it takes to get it – even manipulate people.  She knows what she has, and she flaunts it.  Hank seems like a sweet guy, but he is equally as flawed as Adrienne.  Cobb had me invested in both of their lives, and how things were going to play out.  I did like both characters at first, but I struggled with liking them after a while.  Their relationship was toxic, and I’ve been in toxic relationships.  I really wanted them to figure things out, especially for the sake of the baby.  I really enjoyed the friendships as well. Now, the twists and turns were something else.  You won’t see any of them coming, so be prepared to be surprised!  Oh, and there’s a good amount of spice in this book!  This will be out on June 1, so pre-order your copy now!


Katherine Briganti Cobb writes books about love, relationships and our shared, often messy humanity. She believes dreams come true, love conquers all, and reading and chocolate are the perfect pairing. She writes fiction, nonfiction and picture books because…why choose?

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