The King Snake

By: Brian Shea and Ty Hutchinson

“Are you willing to step into the gray area, Agent Gray?”

The most dangerous human trafficker in Southeast Asia has been on the run and is finally captured.  He must be extradited back to Thailand.  FBI Agent Sterling Gray, Lillie Pratt from Interpol, and Thailand’s elite security escort him on the plane back to Thailand.  But when they land, there’s an explosion, and Lillie is gone – kidnapped.  Now, Agent Gray must join forces with a local detective to try and save Lillie.  But Gray isn’t used to how things are run in Thailand, and he may not be able to save Lillie as Gray has a target on his back.

I absolutely love this series as I love shows like Criminal Minds.  I enjoy reading Agent Gray’s thought process when he is coming up with his profiles of the criminals – it’s truly fascinating.  This book is a bit of a slow burn book, as there is some action throughout, but most of the major action is towards the end.  This book was absolutely made for the big screen.  As I was reading it, I was imaging it like it was a movie, seeing the action play out.  That action, had me on the edge of my seat because just when you think the characters can breathe a sigh of relief, they cannot.  As fast as the action was going, was as fast as I was reading – I needed to know how it was going to end!

One of the aspects I really enjoyed about this book was the fact that the authors really made the culture seem very authentic.  I’m not sure the reality of the authenticity, I’ll have to do some research, but it seemed very real.

Don’t forget to read the first book, Hunting the Mirror Man (though it’s not necessary for to read this), and get your copy of this book here!


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