All The Broken Girls

By: Linda Hurtado Bond

Thank you NetGalley and Engtangled Publishing: Amara for the ARC of this AMAZING book!

Mari Alvarez, crime reporter, lost her mother ten years ago.  When she comes across another murder, she can’t shake the feeling that the current murder and her mother’s murder are some how connected.  Within in a day there is another murder.  Each murder leaves behind clues, no DNA, and a doll missing a body part – but are these clues about the murderer or are they messages for Mari?  Using her upbringing and beliefs, Mari tries to put the clues together before someone else dies, even if that means losing her job.

Wow.  That is exactly how I felt while reading this book and after finishing this book.  Bond never gives the reader a second to breathe!  In this action-packed thriller, the mystery is constant, leaving you on the edge of your seat. Not one thing felt rushed; I was along for the ride with Mari.  The character development is like none other; I understood these characters and felt these characters feelings.  Honestly, I was a little sad when the book ended!  I would love for this to be a series as I want to continue these characters’ journeys. This is absolutely one of the best books of 2022. 

You absolutely need to pre-order this book. You can get your copy of it here.


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