The Maid

By: Nita Prose

“I’ll never understand it—why people find the truth more shocking than lies.

Molly isn’t like everyone else – her Gran used to help her with social cues, social interations, giving her rules to live by. Gran dies, and now Molly is left to intrepret the world on her own. Then one day, as Molly enters the suite in which a wealthy man named Charles Black is staying with his second wife, she finds him dead. Her unusual demeanor coupled with supposed evidence, has the police targeting her as the lead suspect. Molly finds herself intertwined with others that have been lying to her, and now with the help of a few that she didn’t realize were her friends, they are looking for clues of the real killer. But can they find the killer before Molly is put away for murder?

The was a fast, easy read by Nita Prose. She wrote the character of Molly so well, that you felt how awkward she was in social situations, and how she missed clues and cues. I thought this was a thriller (my fault for not really reading the synopsis carefully), but it’s a mystery. What made this book for me was the twist that I never saw coming. I had some ideas of how the scenario was going to play out, but I never could have guessed what actually happened! I also loved the friendship that bloomed between Charlotte, Molly, Mr. Preston and Juan Miguel. It made me happy to see that there were people accepting of Molly just the way she was.

If you’d like to read this book, you can get your copy here.


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