Little Secrets

By: Jennifer Hillier

“It’s confusing how love and hate can exist at the same time, intertwined and tangled and messy and confusing…”

Marin married her college sweetheart, Derek. She has a chain of successful hair salons where she has celebrity clients. Her husband Derek has his own business, which is also very successful. Life for Marin and Derek is seemingly perfect. That is, until their son Sebastian is abducted from the market. A year later, Sebastian is still missing. After FBI leads have gone cold, Marin hires a private investigator. The P.I. learns that Derek is having an affair, and this lights a fire in Marin who is prepared to battle the enemy, Kenzie Li, the woman with which Derek is having an affair. How far will Marin go? And what secrets are going to be revealed?

Hillier is a magician; she makes the reader look one way when something else is really going on, but I bet you’ll never guess! There were many eye-popping moments int his book, and there was a time when I said to myself “Holy Sh*t!!!” This is what I like about Hillier, she has a way of writing that keeps the reader engaged, that keeps the reader guessing, and that has an ending you won’t see coming. Would I have made all the choices that Marin made? Probably not, but it was still very realistic.

Four stars for this book. Get your copy here.


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