Fatal Intent

By: Tammy Euliano

Thank you Tammy Euliano for the gifted copy of this book!

Dr. Kate Downey is an anesthesiologist who is on probation, so she is curious as to why certain patients are dying at home days after minor surgery.  Dr. Downey asked the surgeon, but he placed blame on her.  The Chief of Staff is taking the surgeon’s side, so now it’s up to Kate to find out what’s going on and save her career. With the help of her Aunt Irm, a medical student, and the son of one of the victim’s, they embark on their own investigation.  But as she gets closer to figuring out what’s going on, more people are dying, she gets a medical complaint lodged against her, a break-in in her home, and threats to her life.  Can she figure it out before anyone else has to die?

Holy Debut Novel!  Fatal Intent is a fast-paced, suspenseful, keep you on the edge of your seat medical thriller.  It also brings to light a very important discussion around end-of-life care/assisted suicide.  I enjoyed that this book is action-packed and dialogue driven.  I couldn’t stop reading the book, I needed to know how it was going to end!  The fact that the author is an anesthesiologist is what made the book so realistic, credible, and enjoyable!  While I had my suspicions about who could be behind it all, I was shocked at the ending; there was one thing that I never saw coming.  If you’re a fan of medical thrillers, this one is for you!

You need to read this book. Get your copy here.


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