It Could Be Anyone

By: Jaime Lynn Hendricks

Lies, secrets and murder.. oh my!

Trevor Vaughn is marrying Fiona in Miami, but he never makes it past the wedding night.  While on the dance floor, Trevor dies of an apparent allergic reaction.  However, Trevor has been blackmailing all of Fiona’s friends after finding out that they all had dark secrets that they have been hiding for years.  They would support their marriage, convince Fiona to marry him, or he would reveal their secrets.  Everyone had a motive to kill Trevor; did he have an accidental allergic reaction or was he murdered?

I both liked parts of this book and disliked parts of this book at the same time.  It Could Be Anyone moves quickly and is dialogue driven.  I never figured out what really happened to Trevor until it was revealed at the end.  That makes a thriller/mystery book good.  However, I struggled a bit with the style of writing by this author.  The writing felt very juvenile to me at times, and it felt like that author was trying too hard to connect with a younger reader.  For instance, there was a non-conversational sentence, “The internal struggle was real.”  I understand wanted to connect with a younger audience, but don’t forget the older audience that loves these types of books as well.  I’m also not sure that some of the events in the book made sense, like the circumstances of the brunch that occurred right before he proposed.  It just didn’t sit right with me.

For these reasons, I can give this book a solid 3 stars.  I think any mystery lover will enjoy this book, even if it wasn’t as suspenseful as I would have like it to be.

If you’d like to read this book, you can get your copy here.

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