It Starts With Us

By: Colleen Hoover

“My choice helped me realize that sometimes the hardest decisions a person can make will most likely lead to the best outcomes.”

Lily, Atlas, Ryle, Allyssa, and Marshall are all back in this sequel to It Ends With Us.  This book starts where the first one left off.  Lily and Ryle are navigating the world of co-parenting and trying to do so civilly.  Things have been going pretty well, that is until Lily ran into Atlas.  With Ryle a still a big part of her life due to their daughter, Lily is worried about Ryle’s feelings if she were to get involved with Atlas.  But it’s Atlas, and he’s not giving up his chance again.

This book is exactly what I wanted to read for Lily and Atlas.  Told in both Lily’s and Atlas’ points of view, I loved learning more about Atlas’ past and the surprises that he receives from his past.  It takes a strong person to grow up the way that Atlas grew up, break the cycle, and turn out the way that he did.  I also enjoyed see the progression and growth of Lily in her ability to make the right decisions when it comes to herself and her daughter.  Again, Allyssa was one of my favorite characters because even though they say that blood is thicker than water, Allyssa realizes what is right and what is wrong, and she stands on the side of what is right no matter what.  This book does foster continued conversations about getting out of domestic abuse situations.  Lily had such a wonderful support system when it came to leaving Ryle and being a single mom.  Not all people have that, so what do those people do?  There was one little part about the end that I didn’t love, but overall, a strong 4 stars!

This book is out now, you can get your copy here.

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