Wrong Place Wrong Time

By: Gilliam McAllister

“How sinister is it to relive your life backward.  To see things you hadn’t at the time.  To realize the horrible significance of events you had no idea were playing out around you.”

Jen is waiting up for her 17-year-old son to come home.  It’s past curfew, but it’s daylight savings so even though the clock is about to turn 2am, it really turns back to 1am.  That’s when she spots Todd, outside walking home.  But he’s not alone; there is a stranger outside and Jen watches as her son stabs this stranger.  Arrested and taken to the jail, Todd’s future is gone.  Jen falls asleep that night completely hopeless.  She wakes up the next day, only it’s not the next day, it’s the day before; then after another night of sleep, she wakes up and it’s the day before that!  Again and again, Jen keeps waking up to different days in the past to find the answer that will make Todd not kill that stranger in the future.

In my opinion, this book is WAY overhyped.  I had such high expectations, and I was completely let down.  For the most part, this book was drawn out and boring.  Is the concept interesting?  Yes.  However, each chapter Jen only finds maybe 1-2 clues to help her, and the rest is just blah.  There was one reveal before the halfway mark that made me say wow, and another reveal after the halfway mark that I didn’t see coming, but it felt very anticlimactic.  There was just no buildup, no suspense, and therefore, just blah.  The ending was okay, it wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t fantastic.  I guess that’s how I could sum up the whole book.

You can get your copy of this book here.

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