One To Watch

By: Kate Stayman-London

“You can live a long life never being hurt – and never quite being happy. If that’s what you want.”

Bea Schumacher is a plus size fashion blogger – a successful one at that. However, she hasn’t always had success in the romance department. One of her indulgences is the show Main Squeeze (think The Bachelorette), but there always seems to be a lack of body size diversity on the show. That is, until she is invited to be the next Main Squeeze! In order to protect her heart, she refuses to fall in love on the show and just use it for a career move. That is, until she meets the 25 men that are vying for her attention and affection. Fantasy dates, beautiful clothes… it’s hard for Bea to keep her rough and tough exterior. But it’s hard for Bea to trust men; can she finally find someone for which she’s willing to risk heartbreak?

I couldn’t believe that this was a debut novel. I also am super disappointed that there isn’t another book by this author! This book is exactly what I needed in my life right now; I don’t know why I took so long to read this one! While over 400 pages, I finished it in a day. Bea is one of the most relatable characters that I have read in a LONG time. I’ve never been a fashion blogger, but I have been a heavy girl looking for love. All Bea’s insecurities, all her inner monologues about what she thought things really meant, I’ve been there; I’ve had those thoughts and insecurities. I was on her roller coaster ride of emotions throughout the entire book. I connected with her. The entire novel was so beautifully written and did the plus size women justice. It’s hard not to have all the feels when reading this book, especially when reading about Bea with some of the men on their dates. I really would love for this author to write another book, because I’d read it in a heartbeat!

This is a must read, and you can pick up your copy of this book here.

  • This post contains an affiliate link.

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