The Man I Never Met

By: Elle Cook

Thank you NetGalley and Random House Publishing – Ballantine; Dell for the ARC of this book!

Hannah picked up a call one day from an unknown number; it was an American named Davey. He told her that he had a job interview in London and accidentally called her number. She wished him luck and went on with her day. He then let her know he got the job and would be moving to London. They began to text, call, and video chat getting excited about meeting each other. On the day of Davey’s arrival, Hannah goes to the airport to wait for him, but he never shows. The reason changes the course of both their lives. It seems like things will never work out for Hannah and Davey. Will they ever meet?

I absolutely loved the concept of this book. Elle (Lorna) Cook usually writes a different genre, but I think she found herself a new one! I became emotionally invested in Hannah and Davey very quickly. I had to keep reading so I could know what was going to happen between them. There were times I wanted to yell things to Hannah, that’s when you know it’s good – like yelling at a sports game on TV! At first, the book is told through Hannah’s point of view, but then it switched and gave us both Hannah’s and Davey’s point of view. I really enjoyed this progression because it felt like I was getting to know what exactly was going on in Davey’s head. This book was so cute, and now I want to know more. I want a sequel for this book! I would highly recommend this book.

This will be available on November 22, 2022. You can get your copy here.


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