Maggie Moves On

By: Lucy Score

“At the end of the day, your quality of life is determined by the people you surround yourself with.”

Maggie Nichols is a well known YouTube sensation – she flips houses for a living and puts out episodes about the work she does in the houses. She arrives in Kinship, Ohio for her next project, The Campbell Mansion. She focused, had plans drawn up, had her ideas, and her budget. Her plan was to tackle this house like every other house and the move on to the next one. What she didn’t plan for was Silas Wright – the hot landscaper that she hired for the landscaping work at the house. Silas is confident, and he is sure he wants Maggie. His flirtation is to a new level. She warns him that she’s only having fun because she plans to move on. He plans, however, to make her fall in love with him and make her stay in Kinship.

There is so much to love about this book. It is a traditional rom-com novel, and that part was done pretty well. In the beginning the flirtation between Silas and Maggie is absolutely palpable. Their snip back and forth at each other are wittingly funny, and there are definitely some laugh out loud moments. However, the romance between the two of them, and the arguments that pulled them apart, was getting to be too much and take too long. I honestly got bored with it in the middle. What made this book 4 stars for me was the relationships among family and friends that became family. The author wrote such strong bonds between these characters that I wanted to be apart of their family/friend group. While the connection between Silas and Maggie lagged for me in the middle, the relationships between friends and family did nothing but feel stronger throughout the book. It was these relationships that made me cry.

If you’d like to check this book out, you can do so here.


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