The Lost Ticket

By: Freya Sampson

“…you can buy yourself a fancy education, but you can’t buy common sense.”

Libby Nicholls arrives in London brokenhearted after her boyfriend of 8 years says he needs a break. They were supposed to be getting engaged, not taking time away from each other! While on the bus, she meets an elderly gentleman named Frank, who told her about a time in 1962 where he met a woman on the bus, she gave him his number, and then he lost it. Since then, he’s been riding the bus, Bus Route 88, to find this woman. Libby offers to help Frank find this woman and puts up posters. Frank, however, is in the beginning stages of dementia so it’s a race against time to find Frank’s girl from 1962. In the midst of all this, Libby takes an internal look at her own happiness, and what that means for her.

The synopsis of a book is usually what makes me decide to read it or not. I thought this was an interesting synopsis, and it would make for a really great romantic, or rom-com, novel. However, Sampson failed in making me feel any sort of connection to any of the characters. It felt like I was on the outside looking in during the whole book, rather than experiencing all the emotions along side the characters. With all the 4 and 5 star reviews this book has received, I’m clearly in the minority. But that’s okay because it’s just my opinion! Libby and another character Dylan seemed so immature to me, that it as hard to believe that they were in their 30s! Overall, a cute read, but don’t expect to feel anything.

You can get your copy of the book here.


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