The Girl Before

By: J.P. Delaney

“And it’s narcissistic to believe that we’re going to be the one to change another person’s fundamental nature.  The only person you can ever really change is yourself.”

If you want to live at One Folgate Street, you must submit an application.  Though, this application is different from any other rental application.  One Folgate Street is a minimalist building and strict rules pages long – no books, no kids, no throw pillows, no photos…etc.  Emma and Simon apply, and are accepted, to live at One Folate Street after Emma was the victim of a burglary.  When the house is vacant once again, Jane applies and is approved after she experienced the loss of a child.  After she moves in, Jane learns that Emma died in the house.  Now, Jane is determined to find out what exactly happened to Emma while engaging in some of the same patterns that Emma did.  Is Jane doomed for the same fate?

This is a very interesting concept for a book – one that I have never read before.  It goes back and forth between Emma and Jane and tells each of their stories about their lives in One Folgate Street.  But Jane’s story is mainly about finding out what happened to Emma, which is slowly revealed through Emma’s story.  The mystery around Emma’s death is kept throughout the book.  I didn’t guess her killer t all until I was probably supposed to.  I was also shocked with the revelation at the end, but I did enjoy how it ended.  There were some things that I didn’t like, which brought it down in stars for me.  I didn’t like that in the Emma chapters, there were no quotation marks around the dialogue.  It was difficult to read and discern what was conversation and what wasn’t.  Also, I thought this book was drawn out just a bit.  Overall, a decent read, but not fantastic. 

Get your copy of this book here.

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