Love and Other Words

By: Christina Lauren

“I can be enough of your world that it feels like everyone is.”

Macy Sorensen is going about her life – meeting with her friend Sabrina, being a pediatrics resident, and planning her wedding to Sean.  Everything seems pretty easy.  That is until she runs into Elliot Petropoulos – the only man that she has ever really loved.  From the time she met him when she was thirteen, he was her entire world.  But 11 years ago, she ran from him when he broke her heart, but he never knew why.  Can he overcome the horrible past to get her to love him again?

I absolutely loved everything about this book!  Told in alternating timelines from Macy’s point of view, we get the chance to feel the developed friendship between Macy and Elliot from the first time they meet.  In the Now sections, we get the feel the pull that Macy and Elliot have towards each other.  Christina Lauren made me feel everything that Macy and Elliot were feeling.  I smiled along with them and cried along with them.  Oh yeah, get your tissues ready because there will be multiple times that you will cry throughout this book.

One of the things that I loved about this book, is that it doesn’t only focus on the love between Elliot and Macy.  It also shows the love between a family and love between friends.  I absolutely loved Elliot’s family; they were warm, loving, and accepting.  It really did make me want to be a part of that family.  I especially loved how when they saw Macy 11 years later, they didn’t miss a beat and welcomed her with opened arms, as if they just saw her the previous day and she’s been in their lives the whole time.

This is an absolute must read book. Get your copy of it here.


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