The Truth Unravel

By: Sherlina Idid

Thank you Sherlina Idid for the ARC of this book!

Alyssa Smith, after passing her private investigator exams, is beginning her training with her cousin Eleanor, a police investigator. Then all these events begin to happen around her – a death at a friend’s house, the kidnapping and death of her grandmother’s friend, a shooting at a fashion show, not to mention all the predicaments she gets herself in. Under Eleanor, Alyssa pursues the criminals behind these events. The further she investigates, the more dangerous it gets. Will it cost her her life? Will it cost her Eleanor’s life?

The Truth Unravel is perfect for a reader that likes a book that is full of action scenes. Just when you think that the action has calmed for a bit, BAM, more action! However, I did struggle a little bit with the book. There’s so many characters that it does get a bit confusing. I was also confused about how Alyssa went from just passing her private investigator exams to being an engineer. I think a little bit of background information would have helped with that. I also think that Alyssa was written as if she was already a seasoned professional rather than someone just starting out. Lastly, I do think that being a private investigator is much different than a police investigator and was confused why a private investigator would be shadowing a police investigator. Again, background information as the how the process works would have helped. I will say this: I did not see the ending coming AT ALL! The way that it all tied together, I would have never guessed. That alone makes a book successful. For me, a decent read that I would recommend.

This will be available on February 12, 2023


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