One Day With You

By: Shari Low

Thank you to Boldwood Books for the ARC of this amazing book!

It was just a normal day when Tress Walker said goodbye to her husband Max, sending him off to work. She didn’t know what the day was going to bring. When she went into labor, she couldn’t get ahold of Max, but she didn’t know that he wasn’t at work. At the same time, Max’s best friend, Noah Clark, said good-bye to his wife, Anya, sending her off to a work conference. What he doesn’t know is that she’s been lying to him for years. Their newly single friend Nancy Jenkins is about to see her first true love, Eddie, at her school reunion. But when Tress needs Nancy, Nancy may not make it to her reunion. It’s one day – 24 hours – and it’s filled with hope, fear, joy, sadness, and anger.

This book is absolutely amazing. I read it in one sitting! I love the idea that all the events happened over the course of 24 hours. The book was both exhilarating and full of sadness. One of the things this book will do is make you think about your actions, and how they can effect someone else. My favorite characters were both Tress and Noah – both of them were such so full of strength and love. I didn’t know what I was getting into when I read this book, but I’m sure glad I read it! It is one of the most touching books that I have read every. I highly recommend this book to absolutely everyone.

You can get your copy of this book here.


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