The Housemaid’s Secret

By: Freida McFadden

“It all started with a simple cleaning job. And now it might end with my blood being mopped off the cabin floor.”

When Millie takes a job for Douglas Garrick, he informs her not to go into the guest bedroom. That is where his wife, Wendy, is and she is very ill. But Millie can’t help but be curious. On top of that, she has a terrible feeling about the woman in the room. It’s a while before she even sees Wendy, but when she does, what she sees changes everything. After all, she’s done this before and she needs to help Wendy. But at what cost?

Wow! I’ve never had a book give me whiplash the way this book has! McFadden did a great job of layering mystery on top of mystery. I wish I knew how she got these ideas! It’s hard not to look at all the characters suspiciously for one reason or another – I certainly did! I was kept guessing the entire time, and I didn’t see much of the twists coming. It was really enjoyable to keep reading about Millie, to know that deep down in her heart she just wants to help people. With the way that McFadden left the ending, I could see this becoming a series, or at least another installment. Brava to McFadden for a great second installment to the Housemaid series!

This book is available now, get your copy here.


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