Just A Fling

By: Katherine Grace

Many thanks to NetGalley and The Wile Rose Press for the ARC of this book!

Last summer, Dawn Mathison was a law student when she went to study abroad for the summer at Cambridge.  While there, she met solar developer Callan Marlowe and he swept her off her feet.  She was changing plans and imagining a life with him until he leaves her.  Now, Dawn is working for a prestigious law firm in New York City and she’s trying to keep Callan from her mind.  Callan doesn’t do serious relationships due to his past, but he never told Dawn this or about his past.  He honestly thinks that it’s for the best that they are apart.  But then Callan is in Dawn’s firm’s office.  The attraction is instant.  But can his ability to just have a fling be enough for Dawn?  Or will it turn into something more?

A second change romance that has a bit of mystery?  Yes please!  Dawn and Callan meet in England and I really enjoyed falling in love with them as they were falling for each other.  Then Callan has to go and mess it up because he’s emotionally stunted.  Told from third person point of view of both Dawn and Callan, this book will make you fall in love with them, make you hate Callan, and then make you fall in love with Callan all over again.  I enjoyed the career aspects of both the characters, especially Dawn. I went through law school and took a bar exam, so I understand her worries about student loans and also waiting to find out bar results.  The author put me right back to that moment from MANY years ago.  I also enjoyed that Dawn’s character growth.  While she seemed to be a bit of a push over in the beginning when it came to Callan, she eventually stands up to him to tell him how she feels.  I will say, there is one point in the book that Callan gets really mean and Grace did a great job of making me feel hate for this man, as if he were saying those things to me!  It is fast paced and quick read. OH yeah… there’s definitely a bit of spice in this book.   I loved it!

This book will be available on April 4, 2023. Get your copy here.


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