The Kinsman

By: Holly Sheidenberger

Thank you to the author for the gifted copy of this novelette.

About the Book: From Goodreads

On a bright but cold January afternoon, Lara drives her husband Cameron to a mega-church in South Central Los Angeles. Cameron has plans to meet his recently widowed brother Jason – who also happens to be the church’s head pastor – for lunch.

But when they arrive, the parking lot is deserted and the church looks empty. Nervous to leave her husband alone in a crime-ridden neighborhood, Lara waits until Cameron is safe inside the building before driving away.

Hours later, Cameron hasn’t come home and he’s not answering his phone. When a late-night knock at the door brings shocking news, Lara turns to the only person who can help… her brother-in-law.

But is Jason as selfless as he seems, or does he know more than he ’s letting on?


This is such a great novelette. This isn’t more than 50 pages long, so it is a fast read. I was captured by the book immediately and wanted to know what was going on. I really think that the author has a great start to a full length novel with this book – or even just a novel that is longer. Because this is a novelette, the author focuses on the main story line and there isn’t backstory – which honestly, I prefer. That’s why I love novelettes like this – especially thrillers! I will saw that I was a little perturbed by Lara’s choices, but I won’t say what they were because I don’t believe in posting spoilers. Also, I thing the ending wrapped up a little too easily and quickly for me. I would have liked to see that part extended. Overall, a terrific novelette and one that any thriller lover should read!

This is available now, so get it here.


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