The Book Proposal

By: K.J. Micciche

Thanks to NetGalley and Sourcebooks Casablanca for the ARC of this book!

Gracie Landing is a hot mess.  She is single and almost broke.  With a serious case of writer’s block, Gracie goes out with friends one night, gets drunk, and winds up emailing the boy she lusted after in high school, Colin Yarmouth.  He’s a successful estate attorney but not very lucky in love.  Surprisingly, she receives a response from Colin, and they continue to keep in contact.  As they grow in friendship, they quickly grow into more.  Colin’s details of his breakup help clear Gracie’s writer’s block.  What she doesn’t expect is that Colin’s story could have a major impact on her life, and her career.

Micciche writes a fun, romance comedy.  The beginning was a little hard to get into.  There were a lot of backstories of when Gracie was in high school.  While some of that was necessary to show the connection between Gracie and Colin, there was a little too much.  However, once the book moved on from that, it was so much fun to read.  I think, for me, the best part about this book is that the characters never took themselves seriously.  I read some of the reviews that said that the characters felt immature.  Let me tell you, I’m 38 and my husband is 39.  We were with some friends, and we had a full-on conversation about farts!  Age doesn’t mean you have to be serious all the time.  Also, when people are comfortable with each other, they don’t care about those things.  Anyway, I enjoyed the little twist that I didn’t see coming at all.  When I read it, I was left with my mouth agape!  The author handled that twist artfully.  I really enjoyed this debut novel, and I would recommend it to anyone that likes a good rom-com.

This book will be available on May 16, 2023. Get your copy here.


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