By: Lee Schneider

Thanks to AME for the gifted copy of this book!

ABOUT THE BOOK (From Goodreads)

It is 2050. Kat Keeper, grieving the death of her husband, hires a young artificial intelligence savant to recreate her beloved partner in software form.
A rising startup founder brought low by a crushing business failure, Kat is drawn into a love triangle with the artificial mind of her husband and the man who created it. She learns that the software savant, Bradley Power, leads a mysterious tech company planning to capture all human thought without consent. The company will use the stolen, unspoken thoughts of humans to train a machine intelligence to control the weather, all technology and learning, and even human will.

Kat knows she must stop this, but doesn’t know how. She is pursued by a secret circle of women who say they have the answer, and want her to lead them.
With the fate of human thought in the balance, and her safety at risk, Kat must choose to lead the secret circle before it is too late, and humanity is under machine control.
Surrender takes place in a future world that struggles to contain climate disaster using global machine governance, a world run by computers and the humans who are both empowered and controlled by them, and where a small band of resisters fight to keep human thought safe and free.


This was a new type of read for me! It’s very futuristic, and very creative. This book really is our technology nightmare come true with technology taking over the world. It’s 2050 and the world as we know it in 2023 doesn’t exist anymore. I don’t know how Schneider came up with all the details in this book – running record players with blood, why they don’t need toothbrushes anymore, how AI technology works in general, pods, comms etc…but it was all there, and it all worked. The world he created was a vision and I could easily picture it. What I liked most about this book is that while it takes place in 2050 and it is about using technology nefariously, I could see how it relates to our world today. In our world, internet privacy is heavily debated – big brother spying on us. The only difference is that in the book, it’s a private corporation doing it. This book is perfect for any science fiction reader!

This is available now, get it here.


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