Happy Place

By: Emily Henry

“I want my life to be like – like making pottery.  I want to enjoy it while it’s happening, not just for where it might get me eventually.”

Harriet and Wyn, a couple in their friend group of 6, have been together since college.  They both show up for a week with their friends.  But they have a secret; they are no longer together.  They just haven’t told their friends or family that they have broken off their engagement.  It’s evident that they still have feelings for each other and want each other.  Their friend Sabrina is heartbroken that her father is selling the cottage that they are staying at, so Harriet and Wyn don’t feel like this is the right time to let their friends know they broke up.  So for one week, they fake still being in love, and still being engaged.

This book destroyed me, more than any other Emily Henry book.  This is because I related to Harriet and Wyn in different ways. I’ll start off with the obvious.  The love story is great.  I really enjoyed the juxtaposition of the “now” chapters at the cottage, and the “then” chapters of them meeting, and learning how they became a couple and beyond.  I loved the friendships between all of them.  While they were all very different, they enjoyed each other’s company and loved each other for who they were.  I also liked seeing the progression of how at the beginning of the week, the friends were trying to relive glory days, but by the end, they accept that they all have grown in different ways.  It didn’t mean the end of their friendship but that the friendships changed. The relationship between Harriet and Wyn, the friends, and the other romantic relationships all had me in tears for various reasons.  But nothing had me in tears more than the connection I felt to both Harriet and Wyn, how they view themselves, and what they think they need to be for others rather than doing something for themselves, doing something that makes them happy.  This scenario really made me re-evaluate my life and where I am in my life.  I took out massive loans and went to school, got a great degree, and am not really using it in the way that it was meant to be used.  I wish I could scrap this “career” altogether and do something that makes me happy.  What makes me happy?  Books and travel!  I wish there was a way that I could do something that would make me the same amount of money (or more of course) and either work with books or travel.  The issue is the fact that I am the breadwinner of the household, and I’m constantly reminded that I need to work to keep us afloat.  But I digress.  This is such a fantastic book.  I wholeheartedly give it 5 stars.  I think there is something for everyone in this book.

Run and get your copy here.


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