The Last Word

By: Taylor Adams

“It’s not about the story’s quality.  It’s about distracting herself, putting her mind on a treadmill.”

Emma Carpenter is housesitting for Jules.  After a tragedy, she needed time away.  She’s basically isolated with her dog, Laika.  She has an older neighbor, and they communicate via whiteboard.  She reads horror novel by H.G. Kane and hates it.  She writes a one-star review. The author responds to the review, tells her to remove it and she refuses.  Strange things begin to occur at night, is it a coincidence?  Kane has written 16 other novels, all horrific murder books.  Is he coming after her?  Who is H.G. Kane?

I never even read the synopsis of this book before reading it.  I saw it was Taylor Adams and knew immediately I wanted to read it after reading previous books.  The concept of this book was absolutely amazing and refreshing.  As someone who does review books, I never thought about how an author may react if I was to give such a scathing review.  Adams skillfully sets the scene and makes it darkly atmospheric.  I was nervous alongside Emma.  When the action begins, it doesn’t stop, not even for a second.  I was gripped by this book.  I thought it was going to end one way, and then I was wrong, then I thought it was going to end another way, and again I was wrong.  I was shocked how many turns Adams included and how many times I was tricked.  I enjoyed the way that it ended as well.  This is an absolute must read for thriller fans, and fans of Adams will love this book.

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