The It Girl

By: Ruth Ware

“In books, a bad thing might happen on page 207, that was true. But it would always happen on page 207, no matter what. And when you reread, you could see it coming, watch out for the signs, prepare yourself.”

April Coutts-Cliveden was the It Girl – she was beautiful, smart, funny, and wealthy. She was also the first person that Hannah Jones met when she started at Oxford, Pelham. They were roommates. They developed an inseparable group of friends, Will, Hugh, Ryan, and Emily. But it all changed one night in the second term when Hannah found April dead in their dorm suite. 10 years later, Hannah is married to Will and expecting a baby. A reporter friend of Ryan’s approaches her and tell hers that the man convicted of April’s murder may not be the true murderer. After all, some questions remain unanswered. Hannah begins a quest to find out the truth – who was April’s real killer?

The premise of the book sounds great. The ending was equally great – I thought I had figured out the killer less than halfway through the book, but I was wrong. Half the book is told from the past and the present points of view, and then just keeps it in the present. My issue with the book was that there was so much unnecessary background information. There were too many unnecessary details that just didn’t add to the story. If the author and the editor stripped those parts away, the book would have been fantastic! It almost felt that the author had to write a certain amount of words, or that the book had to be a certain length, and just added things in there to make it longer – sort of like that I did in school! Overall, 3 stars.

You can get your copy of this book here.


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