Just Friends

By: Becca Nelson

“Every time we kissed it felt magical like it was our very first kiss all over again.

Highschoolers Sam, captain of the gymnastics team, and Joe, the school’s top swimmer, spend their days focusing on perfecting their crafts.  Both have a drive to be the best, and to always improve.  They have known each other since elementary school, but suddenly they find themselves drawn to each other.  However, Joe is so focused that he has strict rules to follow from his parents and his coach: there is to be no dating.  They are there for each other through all their challenges and their hardships, but can these two just stay friends?

This is such a sweet YA book!  It is very easy to read, and it reads very quickly.  It is very easy to fall in love with both characters. I appreciated that Nelson really built up the friendship between Sam and Joe.  It really makes the reader watch these characters fall for each other in what feels like real time.  Nelson had me cheering each of them on!  I was genuinely hoping that Sam and Joe would be successful.  The support that they showed each other was amazing, and very mature.  Also, get your tissues ready because be prepared to cry, even if it’s happy tears!  This book is perfect for anyone that likes to read YA.  I’m really hoping Nelson will write a sequel!

Get your copy of this book here.


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